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It's Time to Start Building

If you want to start making extra money on the side and building your side hustle, then affiliate marketing is the perfect place to start.

By building your business using other people's products you:

  • Save time from the start, so you can spend more time with your friends and family

  • Sell a product that's already proven to sell, so you can make money much sooner

  • Learn the ropes of making money online, so you can make your mistakes early before you take time building your own product

  • The benefits of affiliate marketing are endless, and it's only the beginning of making money online.

    This course is designed to condense my 5+ years of learning SEO, sales funnels, and affiliate marketing strategies into one simple course so you don't waste as much time as I did by avoiding the pitfalls and doing what actually works.

    The course is in beta right now, so much of what you will see in the chapters of this course is text. Video will come later as I continue to flesh out the course and get a better understanding of what people actually want to learn.

    Thank you for your interest in this course, and I hope we make great strides together to get you closer to that first $10k.


    10 easy-to-understand modules that will take you from complete beginner to proficient affiliate marketer.

    Affiliate Marketing Defined

    What Makes a Good Affiliate Program

    How to Find a Good Affiliate Program

    Identify Your Marketing Strategy

    Plan Your Affiliate Funnels

    How to Build Your Affiliate Funnel

    Tracking and Optimization

    Driving Traffic

    How I Do It

    Motivation to Act

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    Justin Coleman

    Hey there!

    Justin here.

    I have extensive knowledge in SEO, Blogging, Sales Funnels, and affiliate marketing.

    I've made over $22,000 in my adventures as a side-hustle affiliate marketer by finding out how to find the true value in an offer and creating great content around it.

    I'm happy to start sharing my knowledge with those busy people who want to start making money online, but feel as though they don't have enough time.

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    Affiliate Marketing Basics

    Affiliate Marketing Basics

    Learn everything you need to know about what makes a good affiliate program, where to find affiliate programs, affiliate marketplaces, and the strategy behind selling people your affiliate offers.

    Funnel Planning

    Thorough Planning

    Not having a plan is a plan to fail. That's why we will go over planning your affiliate funnel, mapping out your plan, and planning the marketing around your offer.

    Affiliate Funnel Building

    Affiliate Funnel Building

    We take a deep dive into the heart of affiliate marketing by building our affiliate funnel. I will show you GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels, and WordPress to give you a variety of options to choose from.

    Funnel and Offer Optimization

    Funnel and Offer Optimization

    While in a perfect world our funnels would work well the first time, that's not usually the case. It takes some tweaking to get the money flowing, so we will learn about stopping funnel leaks and steps to take to improve our conversion rates.

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    Bonus: Goal Wizard

    You can't reach your goals if you don't know where you're going.

    The Goal Wizard will help you take your big, seemingly unreachable goals and break them down into actionable steps.

    This tool usually goes for $27, but I'm including it for FREE with your paid access to this course!

    bonus goal wizard

    Where's The Proof?

    In order to claim I've made over $10,000 in affiliate marketing, I need to show some proof, right?
    Well, here's the proof. 
    I go into detail on how I made all of this happen in the course, and GIVE YOU my strategy in hopes that you can get there faster than I did.

    Over $2,800 Selling A Weight Loss Program

    Noom Affiliate Income

    Over $4,700 In Private Partnership Deals

    Affiliate Income

    Over $13,500 Showing People A Back-End OTO

    ClickFunnels Affiliate Income

    Disclaimer: There is no guarantee as to a particular financial outcome for you after enrolling in this course. Success widely depends on the effort that you put in, and I cannot control that. Examples on this page and in the course are not a promise of earnings, results, or other outcome. I am not a financial advisor.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • This course is currently being built out and is in Beta. I'm allowing a small number of people to get in at a low price as a reward for getting in early and proving me feedback on how the course is going for them, what can be improved, and what else they would like to see me add. Questionnaires will be provided throughout the course to collect feedback and improve the course.


    • The price will go up as I collect early feedback, add more content, and improve the course to make it what people really want to learn. The earlier you get in, the cheaper this course will be.


    • No matter what price you buy this course at, you will have lifetime access with no further payments. It's a one-time fee no matter when you get in, and you will have access to all future updates.


    • At this point, no. The price is already cheap and I'm in the building phase of this course. I'll take your input within the questionnaire's and build the course out to help you learn what you need and want to learn. Don't be afraid to let me know how you really feel.


    • Yes. You will be offered 1 upsell at this time. It is lifetime access to Master Sales Funnels University (MSFU). You pay the price one-time, and I will give you access to every future course that I create within MSFU. I'm planning courses on Funnel Building, Funnel Analytics, Podcasting, SEO, Content Marketing, and much more.

    Master Sales Funnels

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